Rules in the OR

The health and safety of our patients is the most important issue. Please read these instructions carefully. The rules concern conduct and hygiene. There are illustrations in the dressing rooms on the clothes to wear. In case of doubt please ask one of the team members.

Entrance of OR

  1. Change clothes according to illustrations in changing room.
  2. Wear the green surgeon shoes.
  3. Remove necklaces, rings, bracelets (smooth earrings are permitted).
  4. No nail polish or nail extensions are allowed, cut your nails short before entering the OR.
  5. Have a shower in the morning before coming to the hospital. Make sure to wash your hands with alcohol before entering the OR.
  6. Eating and drinking is only allowed in the coffee room.
  7. Bags, personal laptops and mobile telephones are not allowed.
  8. The hairs must be fully covered (different shapes for hair caps are outside the changing room).
  9. In the coffee room you can get tea and coffee for free. Bread and soup are in principle only for the employees, so please ask before you take anything.

To assist during the surgery

  1. The titer of anti-Hepatitis B should be 100 OM OD.
  2. If you have worked in a foreign hospital in the last months, the cultures for MRSA have to be negative (see separate guidelines). Please fill in the form before entering the OR.
  3. Wear a clean oral mask at every case. Do not wear an oral mask in the coffee room or outside the OR room.
  4. Wear eye protection during the surgery.
  5. Follow the rules for hand scrubbing (illustration: washing + twice alcohol).
  6. Sterile surgical gowns as well as gloves are handed to you by the nurse.
  7. During the surgery do not leave or enter the OR ( i.e. as minimal as possible). Use the double-door entrance to minimize air-flow/pressure changes.
  8. Follow instructions from the medical staff and nurses.

Leaving the OR temporarily

  1. Do not change OR clothes but wear a clean white coat on top of it. At return, put the white coat in the laundry bags.
  2. If you have been out for over 30 minutes, put on clean OR clothes.
  3. Put on your own shoes or the blue surgeon shoes on leaving the OR.
  4. Put on a clean hair cap on return as well as the green surgeon shoes.
  5. Wash hands on leaving and return (with alcohol).
  6. Report to the OR office when leaving and coming back.

Leaving the OR

  1. Put OR clothes in laundry bags (blue and white are separate).
  2. OR shoes in special cleaning bag next to the door.
  3. Dispose of OR hair caps.
  4. Clean your hands with alcohol.
  5. Report to the office before leaving.

The changing rooms are on the 3rd floor. The OR is on the 2nd floor. The office of the OR is on the 2nd floor.
Telephone number of the OR: 020 – 512 2470.