Olfaction Rehabilitation after Total Laryngectomy


“Olfaction regained” (book originally in Dutch (ISBN 90-265-1723-8; 2003) with an English version on CD ROM (ISBN 90-75575-07-6; 2004)), describing the research behind olfaction rehabilitation after total laryngectomy with the Polite Yawning/Nasal Airflow Inducing Manoeuvre (NAIM), and its practical teaching aspects for Speech Pathologists and patients.

There are now three flip books available: the complete reference book, and two new manuals, one for  Speech Language Pathologists and one for laryngectomized individuals. Both new manuals, which contain videos also present in the reference book, make the introduction to the Polite Yawning method/Nasal Airflow Inducing Manoeuvre quicker/easier. For more detailed information the reference book can be used. 

Olfaction regained – Reference book

Olfaction regained – Manual for Speech Language Pathologists

Olfaction regained – Manual for Laryngectomized Individuals

Also available are PDFs with embedded QR codes to access the videos on your smart phone.

PDF with QR codes to access videos with English subtitles: Olfaction regained_ST
PDF with QR codes
to access videos with English voice over: Olfaction regained_VO

PDFs of patient brochure, instruction material, and evaluation forms, etc, in the reference book are also available separately for easy downloading:

2-Brochure for laryngectomees

3-Checklist for speech pathologists

4-Registration form for speech pathologists

5-Evaluation form for speech pathologists

6-How to design an odour test

7-How to make a manometer